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Postby Madame M » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:56 am

My pleasure, Julia!!
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Postby Madame M » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:57 am

Both parts of an epic Ashley Lane death/sex adventure are now available..."Where's Damien", Parts 1 and 2.

Two very hard masked men invade Ashley's home looking for her sugar daddy, and when they don't find him, she is in for a rough night. ... amien.html



Where Is Damien: Part 1 - Starring: Ashley Lane, Anthony, Talon Time: 42:07 Minutes Size: 1.44 GB

Rated XXX Explicit

Two masked men enter a woman's home looking for a man named Damien. When she can't tell them where he is, they sexually torture her for the information.

1 Girl, 2 Guys

Men in black ski masks

Woman in black lingerie puts on strappy heels

Combs long hair

Woman talks on phone, describes relationship with strange rich man

She puts on beautiful lace dress

She's confronted by two masked men, asking about missing man

She protests that knows nothing

Masked man puts gun to her head, interrogates her

She gets on her knees, he puts gun in her mouth

Knocks her down with gun

She is cuffed, dress lifted, finger fucked

Hair pulling

Men rough her up, strangle her with belt

Men take her to bedroom, strip her

Spread eagle her face down on bed

Spank her, taser her ass

Bottle-fuck her

Insert anal plug

They flip her over, still spread eagled

Rough fondling, choking

Use dildo and vibrator for her forced arousal

Leave her crying, tied to bed


As always, this one can be had at a discount at the PTF main website, and it is also available in the Psycho-Thrillers Nicheclips store.
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Postby Madame M » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:58 am

"Where is Damien", Part 2 picks up right where the first part left off, with Ashley in the power of two deadly masked men. After intense forced sex, she ends up sexy-dead. ... art-2.html

Starring: Ashley Lane, Talon, Anthony

Rated XXX Explicit

Continuing from Part 1, two masked men have entered a woman's home and are interrogating her to find a man named Damien. They sexually torture her for the information.

1 Girl, 2 Guys
Men in black ski masks
Woman is tied to bed, nude except for boots and black thigh highs
Men strip, fondle her roughly
Forced BJ
Forced missionary intercourse
Double penetration (missionary and BJ)
Woman is flipped to her stomach
Further double penetration (from behind and BJ)
Hair pulling
Doggie-style anal
Further multiple double penetration sex positions
Woman put in cuff restraints, wrist to ankle, face down
More forced sex
Woman smothered with bed comforter, choked
Woman moved to the floor on her knees
Hair pulling double BJ
Both men climax in her mouth
Wood-handled garrote wrapped around her neck
Long struggle/strangle
Fondled by one assailant while the other fondles her
Ligature mark on neck
Woman dies, death stare
Garrote left around her neck
Final position on back, arms above head, legs dangling

You can check out free trailers for both films on the PTF website. Enjoy!
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Postby Madame M » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:13 am

Superhot release for Halloween!!!!

Emily Austin is here! She is a total bombshell, and her new film with PTF is an exciting play on the Halloween theme, with Michael Myers giving her a good haunting, then an even better murder!

Check out the hot free trailer at the PTF site, and remember you always get a discount on the price of the film when you buy it direct from Psycho-Thrillers.

Image ... farce.html

Starring: Emily Austin, Anthony Time: 17:59 Minutes Size: 1.28 GB

Rated XXX Explicit

In a special “Halloween” scenario, a beautiful blonde is terrorized by a Michael Myers lookalike, then killed and taken sexually.

1 Girl, 1Guy
Classic serial killer theme
Blonde in short blue lacy nightie
Ponytail hairstyle
Relaxing at home, woman is haunted by Halloween killer
Killer appears and disappears, shadowing her
First she is confused, then terrified
Finally she sees him clearly, tries to run away
Climbs stairs, but he grabs her ankle from behind
Frees herself with taser on phone
Runs to bedroom, but he is already inside
He grabs her by the throat, menaces her with knife
Holds her up against closed doors
Drops knife, breaks her neck
Carries her to the bed
Dumps her body face up on bed
Removes one of her sandals, pushes up her nightie
Gives himself foot job with her bare foot
Takes off other sandal for double foot job
Penetrates her for vaginal sex while she death-stares
Pushes nightie further up, exposing her breasts
Caresses her tits roughly while fucking her body
Re-positions her corpse to take her kneeling doggie-style
He climaxes, cums on her ass
Finishes off climax with final foot job
Pushes her corpse over on her side
Sexy body views, fade to black
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Postby Madame M » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:26 pm

Thanks everyone for all the enthusiasm about Emily! She really gets into horror/thriller roles, and has been fantastic in every one of her films.

Her latest is "Sleeping Beauty 5", a sleepy/sex/murder flick to die for!

As always, there's a hot free trailer and a special new release discount on the main Psycho-Thrillers site. Here's a link:

Sleeping Beauty 5
Starring: Emily Austin, Jon Jon Time: 33:52 Minutes Size: 1.44 GB

Rated XXX

A woman comes home drunk from a night out and crashes on her bed – an assailant has sleepy sex with her while she is out cold, and then strangles her to death.

1 Girl, 1 Guy
Blonde in sexy little black dress and heels arrives home drunk
She staggers up the stairs to her bedroom
She kicks off her shoes and falls into a heavy sleep
Intruder sees her through the window
He breaks in, goes to her in the bedroom
He fondles her, kisses her pussy
She moans and writhes but does not wake up
He strips off his pants and takes a sleepy BJ in her mouth
She continues to sleep – he spoons her from behind
She remains asleep during during sex
He cums on her ass
Assailant puts his clothes back on
He speaks to her and she starts to wake up
She looks at him dazed
He takes out a wooden-handled garrote and wraps it around her neck
He strangles her on her back while she thrashes, legs kicking
She finally dies in a spread-eagle position
Drool, ligature mark, death stare, tongue out
Final views of her body dead on the bed

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Postby Madame M » Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:58 am

Here's the new film starring Kate Kennedy..."Trudy's Last Day", a classic Psycho-Thrillers scenario with masked intruders breaking into her house, and while one of them cracks her safe, the other cracks Kate...


Here's a link to the film on the Psycho-Thrillers site. As always you get a discount when you buy and download direct from us. There is also a great free trailer for the video on the site.


Starring: Kate Kennedy, Anthony, Jack Vegas Time: 24:50 Minutes Size: 1.43 GB

Rated XXX Explicit

Two masked thieves break into a woman's home and when she returns they overpower, rape and murder her.

Your browser does not support the video tag.

1 Girl, 2 Guys
Men in black ski masks
Blonde woman in sexy business attire (black skirt and jacket, blue blouse, heels)
Housebreaking setup scene
One man goes to open safe, other one waits by the door
Woman arrives home and is surprised by intruder
He chloroforms her into unconsciousness
Limp body carry
Woman tossed onto bed
She is fondled by assailant while unconscious
Shoes removed, foot worship
Ankles tied by blue rope
She is flipped face down and wrists tied with belt
She wakes up, terrified
He stuffs handkerchief gag in her mouth
Leaves her on bad and goes to talk to second man
First man returns to bedroom
Removes her gag
Forced fellatio
Begins to strip her, opens her blouse
Fondles her breasts
Gives himself foot job with her tied bare feet
Flips her on her stomach
Fucks her from behind draped over edge of bed
Second man goes in and out of room, does not participate in rape
First man lifts her fully onto bed for more forced sex
Gives her missionary fuck while choking her
Manual strangle with black-gloved hands
Gasping, leg and foot views, staring, protruding tongue
Drooling, red abrasion on throat from strangle
Chokes her to death, fondles body
Arranges her with head dangling from edge of bed for dead BJ
Necro oral
Flips her for doggie-style necrosex, her hands and feet still tied
He climaxes on her ass
Unties her hands, spreads her arms to the side
Final body views, face down, feet left tied with panties tangled in rope


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Postby Madame M » Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:26 am

"Tale of the Hitwoman" is available now on the main Psycho-Thrillers site! This one stars Ziggy Star, Kate Kennedy, and Jack Vegas. Kate murders both Jack AND Ziggy (Jack with a knife, and Ziggy by a hot computer-cable strangle). There's a free trailer for the film at the Psycho-Thrillers website, as well as loads of still pictures, and this feature is on sale when you buy direct from Mr. B (though it will also be available at full price at Nicheclips). Feel free to come by and take a look. ... woman.html

[size=18pt]TALE OF THE HITWOMAN[/size]

Starring: Kate Kennedy, Ziggy Star, Jack Vegas Time: 19:35 Minutes Size: 1.33 GB

Rated Hard R with brief X elements

A female assassin murders both a female target and her bodyguard

2 Girls, 1 Guy
Female assassin approaches a house at night
Blonde assassin in black leather pants, tank top, carrying bowie knife
She looks in window, sees woman at computer talking to her security guard
She backs away, enters room by another door
She surprises bodyguard from behind, stabs him
He falls, bleeding, to the floor
She watches him writhing
When he dies, she opens his pants and briefly sucks his dead cock
She leaves him to go after the woman
Woman in business attire (jacket, blouse, short skirt, pantyhose, lace-up boots)
Businesswoman gets up to look for her security guard
Assassin forces her back into the room a knifepoint
Businesswoman is forced to sit on desk and is partly stripped
Assassin teases and fondles topless woman with knife
Assassin unplugs computer cord, strangles her with it
Businesswoman writhes and squirms on desktop
Rolling eyes, gasping, ligature mark, drool
Strangled to death, businesswoman goes limp
She is sprawled topless, tits-up on desktop
Assassin tears open pantyhose, exposes victim's pussy
Fingers and fondles corpse
Flips businesswoman over, slices pantyhose and tears it away from her ass
Finds data chip hidden in crotch of pantyhose, takes it
Spanks dead woman, departs
Death stare views, body pan of corpse
Fade to black

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Postby Madame M » Sat Nov 24, 2018 10:41 am

Nice to see the great response to Shavelle Love coming to Psycho-Thrillers, and I'm also glad to see a positive response to an R-rated flick!

This video is available now on the main Psycho-Thrillers a bargain price of $10.50. You can see vidcaps from the film and a hot free trailer here:


Starring: Shavelle Love, Talon

Rated R

A man hires a stripper, and when they argue about money, he strangles her to death.

1 Girl, 1 Guy
Fetish wear: leather jacket, lace bra, leather miniskirt, thigh high boots
Busty brunette
Man calls escort agency, hires stripper
She arrives, sits on couch with him, tries to talk money
He refuses, wants to “see the goods” first
She hesitates, then takes her clothes off, leaving only boots on
After nude display, she talks money again
He refuses to pay anything in advance
She gets up from couch, starts to put on clothes
When she is dressed, he asks her to sit down and wait, promising payment
She reluctantly sits
He circles behind her, making earphone cord into a garrote
He whips cord around her neck, strangles her
She thrashes, tries to get free
Hard strangle on couch
Twitching, gasping, convulsing
She flails arms, clutches at garrote
Leather miniskirt rides up during strangle, showing pussy
Stripper starts to weaken
Killer drags her off couch onto floor
Tightens garrote, close-up neck views
Strangles her face-up on floor
Open mouth with slightly protruding tongue
Death twitches
Garrote deep in neck, ligature mark
Booted foot views, death-kicks
Hard asphyxia convulsions
Brief froth on mouth, last twitches
Death stare
Postmortem fondling
Body lift, he puts death staring sexy corpse back on couch
He calls agency, tells them stripper never showed up
He leaves her sprawled on couch, death-staring
[img] ... ient_1.jpg[/img]
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Postby Madame M » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:44 am

Emily Austin's newest film is coming out in two parts, with Part 1 available this weekend on the main Psycho-Thrillers site. This one, when both parts are added together, is almost an hour and a half long...quite the erotic epic!

As we've been discussing, we're releasing films these days that fall into three basic ratings categories. Ones where the emphasis is on a lot of explicit rough sex with the erotic murder coming at the end (XXX), ones where the sex is explicit but balanced equally with the death-fantasy elements (X), and ones with no explicit sex, that are focused on the death scene (R).

This one is definitely XXX, so be warned! Emily is very into lots and lots of hot forced sex action, so "Revenge of the DA" is loaded with it. Be aware that the kill scene comes at the end of Part 2.

This video is available at the usual discounted price for a new release. Here's a link to the film page on the Psycho-Thrillers site:

There's also a free trailer and lots of still images from the video there. Enjoy!


Starring: Emily Austin, Jon Jon, Isiah Maxwell Time: 43:10 Minutes Size: 1.44 GB

Rated XXX

A district attorney is ambushed in her car, then taken inside her house and forced to sexually service her attackers

1 Girl, 2 Guys
Beautiful blonde in business attire
Black jacket and skirt, blue blouse, black heels
Glasses, ponytail
Woman leaves house, gets in car
She is grabbed by assailant in back seat
Hands clamped over her mouth and throat
Glasses knocked askew
She struggles but cannot escape
She is choked and smothered unconscious
Assailant fondles her while she is sprawled in car seat
Second man arrives
They carry her inside, dump her on the floor
She wakes up, men force her to stand
Stripping, fondling
She is forced to her knees to give forced blowjob
Choking, hair pulling
Blouse yanked open to partly reveal breasts
Forced BJ of second man, then both men at once
She is stripped to lingerie, glasses removed
Double hand job while she is fondled and roughly kissed
Second double BJ
She is dragged to couch for more oral sex
Doggie sex on couch while giving BJ
Second man fucks her on the arm of couch
Forced sex in multiple positions
End Part 1

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Postby Madame M » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:55 am

We are back after our little vacation-break for the holidays! Thanks everyone for the great conversation you always contribute to this thread.

We're looking forward to 2019 here at Psycho-Thrillers...a lot of exciting innovations are happening, and we can't wait to see them take shape.

We've released our first film of the new year, "Girl Scout Cookies", with Vienna Rose. We had a little fun with this one...though played straight up, it has some playful elements, including the theme itself, in which Vienna is incredibly cute though a little mature for a Girl Scout, and Eric Masterson as the killer watching a Psycho-Thrillers film before he himself does what guys usually do in Psycho-Thrillers films...and then after some hot death and sex, he pays for his crime by choking on a cookie!

Both Vienna and Eric really enjoy the erotic death fetish genre, so it was a blast to go a little outside of the box (cookie box, of course) :) with them.

Here's a link to the film page on the main Psycho-Thrillers site. As always, it is on sale when you buy direct from us, and there is a hot free trailer at the site. ... okies.html


Starring: Vienna Rose, Eric Masterson Time: 18:09 Minutes Size: 1.35 GB

Rated XXX

A girl scout comes to the wrong house to sell cookies! She is smothered, neck-snapped, stripped and necro-raped, before her killer comes to an unexpected end himself.

1 Girl, 1 Guy

Man is relaxing at home, watching a Psycho-Thrillers film on his computer

Young woman in a girl scout uniform knocks on his door

She is wearing glasses, sneakers, and the cute uniform

She tries to sell him cookies, he agrees to buy some

While he goes to get money, she notices dead-sexy film still playing

He returns, and while getting out money he suddenly attacks her

Hand clamped over over mouth, he cuts off her breathing

She struggles hard, writhing and thrashing

He also pinches her nose, cutting off her air

She drops to her knees on couch, still struggling

Getting weaker, she flails and starts to go limp

He continues to pinch her nose shut with hand clamped on her mouth

She loses consciousness and he takes his hand away

Drool drips from her mouth

He holds her upright for a few seconds, then abruptly snaps her neck

She drops dead on the couch

He pulls her back upright

There is a bruise under nose around her mouth from the smothering

He arranges her face up on the couch

Opening her uniform top, he exposes and fondles her breasts

He kisses her slack mouth

Lifting her short skirt, he pulls off her black panties

He strips off his own pants and fucks her body

Her eyes are rolled up in her head behind her glasses

He gives her corpse a hard screw till he comes

Satisfied, he arranges her body on the couch next to him

Her head tipped back, she death-stares through her glasses

He places her hand with fingers wrapped around his still partly erect cock

Grabbing the cookies, he starts to eat one

Suddenly he gags and chokes, the cookie caught in his throat

He chokes to death, slumping over on the couch

The two semi-naked bodies are sprawled dead, side by side

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Postby Madame M » Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:01 pm

For the killer ladies and sexy-sub guys, got a hot one for you this week! The first in Britney Amber's round of films is a girl-kills-guy flick!

In this one, Reno gets blitzed and is looking for some hot sex with Britney (can you blame him?) But she goes all hot and cold on him, finally telling him she doesn't want to do the deed. He gets mad and clocks her one (wrong thing to do!) They struggle and she clocks him right back, this time with the empty liquor bottle. While he's groggy, she pounces on him and strangles him! Afterward she can't resist sampling that hot cock after all, but then dresses, scrams, and leaves Reno a hot corpse.

Lots more stills from the video on the Psycho-Thrillers site, along with a sexy free trailer. Enjoy! ... balls.html


Starring: Britney Amber Reno Time: 22:36 Minutes Size:1.39 GB

Rated X, nudity, oral sex

A woman teases her drunk lover, she refuses sex, they fight, she hits him with a bottle, strangles him and give him a dead blowjob.

1 Girl, 1 Guy
Busty babe in knit dress and heels
Man and woman enter bedroom, man is drunk
He finishes bottle
Begins to undress her, zipping down her dress
Exposes her black lace lingerie
Caresses her breasts and pussy while standing behind her
They get on the bed, but she decides she wants to stop
He persists, she argues
Finally she gives in and allows him to start making love to her
He removes her dress, shoes and underthings
He opens his pants, showing his erect cock
After licking and caressing her pussy, he gets ready to fuck her
She balks again, says she wants to stop
They argue, she reaches for her clothes to get dressed
Frustrated and angry, he hits her
Now she is angry, and hits back
They struggle on the bed
He is much stronger, he starts to force her while she thrashes
He tries to straddle her
She punches and pushes at him
Finally she grabs empty liquor bottle and hits him with it
He is knocked semi-conscious
She pounces on him and manually strangles him
Drunk and groggy, he only resists weakly
She straddles him and chokes him to death
Male death stare
At first she is distraught, then becomes turned on by his corpse
She sucks his still-erect cock
She taunts him, then gathers her clothes and gets dressed
She exits, leaving him dead on the bed.


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