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The Way She Is

Postby admin » Wed May 04, 2016 5:47 am

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THE WAY SHE IS - starring SARA LUV & ERIC MASTERSON Cost: $17.00 ($15 FOR PT FORUM MEMBERS) Time: 22:32 Minutes Size: 704 MB HQ HD 1280X720 Editor’s Notes: WE HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED OUR RESOLUTION QUALITY! For those who love one a seductive young woman drugging then sexually assaulting a cock before strangling the life from the man, then you will love this one! Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, Step Sister Theme, Sexy Clothing Fashion, Seductive Woman, Bad Girl Theme, Young Girl, Female Killing Male Theme, Drugging, Undressing, Nudity, Bedroom Setting, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Cock Masturbation Scene, Blow Job During Poisoning, Death Twitching, Death Stare, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Death by Hand Strangulation. Description: A young woman who is Philip’s step sister, reveals her dark side when she poisons and takes down one of Philip’s closest friends during her visit to his home. Her reasoning for attacking him? Because he sensed there was something off about her and she couldn’t live with him knowing she has a dark secret. She killed Trevor with confidence, thinking she could hide the body in her room then sneak him into her car late at night while Philip slept but she was caught and now must face the consequences, or maybe she will talk her way out of it and join him as a new killer couple. Stay tuned.
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Postby tedgreer » Wed May 04, 2016 7:01 am

admin wrote:
tedgreer wrote:We need more with Nickey! Could you work in some anal? (have seen heaps of anal scenes with her).

Oh and surely her character in Terrorist Armada had a body double (or perhaps the dr was the double!)
Hi and thank you! I will make a note of that for Nicky the next time we use her regarding anal. Not sure what you last comment about the body double meant so please explain. (-:

Sorry I meant her character the doctor who makes the doubles of terrorists. Maybe she also made a double of herself
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Postby admin » Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:09 pm

Here is a link to our newest film, available at Nicheclips:

Pay Up Daddy


A teenage girl parents leaving town for the weekend.

She is excited and can't wait to tell her best friend. She step outside on her back yard to call her best friend and tell her the exciting news. While on the phone, the pool boy over hears her conversations. When she goes back inside her house to get ready for school, the pool boy call his Russian friend & told him what he over heard.

Parents leave the house. Teenage girl is walking home from school all excited for her fun weekend, listening to music. She started to have the feeling that someone is following her. She looked around but saw that it was just animals in trees.
She get home and goes into her room and starts making phone calls to her friends to invite them for party. Having no acknowledgement that the whole time she was watched.

She starts to walk into the kitchen to prepare food for her party, but half way a masked guy grabbed her from behind and chloroformed her. She put up some fight but the chloroform was to strong for her tiny body. Afterwards the teen girl was carried into her parents bedroom and restrained. She is still under the sedation of the chloroform, tide with wrist bracelets and a gag in her mouth.
The Russian kidnapper had a camera set up to film the fun for her rich daddy. He slap her face few times to wake her up, she freaking out. He is talking to the camera, telling daddy to pay up or he will never see her again. To make sure her daddy know he is not fucking around he start molesting the teenage girl.

Touching her boobs, rubbing her pussy through her panties, slapping her inner thighs while he films everything. Her young innocence got him carried away and he got more rough with her. He flosses her pussy with her panties and tears her bra. The Russian gets turn on by her crying, moaning and wants to hear more and more. Tear her panties, smell her pussy, then he pulls out his dick, forcefully turn her to her side and jammed his dick in her young innocent pussy. The teen squeals and moans. She is in pain but the guy likes it, so his fucking her harder and harder. Filming all of it for her daddy. To give him a real taste of his daughter misery, he fucked her hard in several positions. His telling the camera he is being serious while he is deep inside her and his enjoy it. The kidnapper gets more turned on by her terror.

He wanted more excitement.!

He comes back to teenage girl and grabbed her neck. Seeing her struggling and fighting for breath really turns him on.
He squeezes her throat tighter, the teen is gurgling and gasping for air. His grip is getting tighter. The teen girl is fighting for her life. After several minutes her body slows down to erotic movements, but it's the first signs of death that she is entering. Her body twitches and she is slowly dead. The Russian films her dead body. Realizing he went to far, he won't get all the ransom he is asking for. He tell her daddy, he wants the money for her dead body.

He is looking at her body laying there with all of its innocents. He turns her face down ass up and fucked her for the last time from behind. Cuming all over here ass, to add some extra humiliation for her daddy to see.

Price: 26.00
Run Time: 38:46 minutes
File Size: 1430 MB Format: .MP4

Note: All Actors appearing in this film are 18+ years of age, and the description "teenage" refers to adults portraying a fantasy.

Many more new and exciting features are coming soon!
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Postby admin » Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:48 pm

Here is our newest, now available on Nicheclips. A bargain price for this much sexy action!



A young cheerleader is practicing her routine in the hot sun, which is making her irritable and bitchy. She calls the towel boy to get herself some water and ordered him to bring her a clean towel to the showers.

She takes off her uniform and gets into the shower to clean her sweaty young body. When she is done towel boy handed her clean towel, he is insecure and shy. The cheerleader is picks up on his insecurities and starts making jokes about him. She finds out he is virgin and starts teasing him about that as well. To step up her insults a notch she lets him look it her naked body and teases him by touching her tits. When he reaches to touch her she slaps his hand before he can touch her. The cheerleader grabs her towel and starts smacking him with it. She threatening she will tell her boyfriend. The towel boy can no longer take her ridicule and sexual teasing, its remaining him how the high school bullies would smack him and insult him.

Suddenly he explodes, grabs the towel from her, twisted it to make it stronger wraps it around her neck and pin her against the shower wall. While strangle her, she tries to scream for help, but the towel is too tight, it's digging into her neck not allowing her to make a sound. She struggled and fought, but the towel boy is too strong for her tiny body. After several minutes of kicking and fighting her energy weaken and her body begins to go limp. With her legs weak from struggling she slides down to the floor. The towel boy is not done yet, the twitching her body makes as her last breath were taken turns him on. The towel boy places her dead body on bench & start fucking her until he cums inside her. He leave her body on bench and walks away feeling he has gotten redemption from all the years of bullying.

Price: 11.00
Run Time: 15:43 minutes
File Size: 1320 MB Format: .MP4
Updated: June 17 2016 3:08 pm

All actors in Psycho-Thrillers films are 18+, and "teenage"-themed films reflect adults acting out fantasy scenarios.
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Postby admin » Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:46 am

Starring Dallas Black


An Agent is practicing yoga and knife techniques in her back yard. Suddenly her phone rings, it's her boss. He chose her for a special assignment, because she has superior knife skills and the assignment will required a quiet, quick, clean execution. Her boss instructs her that she will receive all the information for the assignment on DVD which will self destruct after viewing it.

She gets dressed for the job the way she always dose, her tight black uniform with matching ski mask. She quietly breaks into the house by sneaking past the guards. The man she is targeting is brushing his teeth, but heard an unfamiliar noise. He gets his gun from drawer and sets out to find what the noise was. As his waking out of his room the Agent is walking into his room to do the job and get out, but they both meet at same time. The target has his gun pointed to Agents head and the Agent grabs the targets dick with her knife. Both realized their screwed, so they call for truths. The Agent and the target both throw there weapons on to the bed.

The target is not focused and distracted by the Agents body. The Agent uses the situation to her advantage and head butts and knees the target in his balls. She charges for her knife, but the target trips her. Just as she touches her knife he was on top of her. He hit the Agent a several times until she dropped her knife and fell unconscious. The target lifted her ski mask and reveals a beautiful woman. He takes advantage of the situation while she is still unconscious. He rips off her nylons and penetrates her pussy. The target fucks her until she wakes up and start fighting trying to defended herself.

The target grabs his rope belt, puts it around her neck and starts strangling her. The Agent puts up fight until she couldn't fight any more and submits to her death.

Her body is still warm and twitches. The target didn't finished pleasuring himself, so he fucked her dead body until he climaxes on her stomach.

Pissed of that she was able to get past his guards, he call them to clean up the mess!

Available at our Nicheclips store:

Or contact us direct via email:

Price: 20.00
Run Time: 30:38 minutes
File Size: 1310 MB Format: .MP4
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Postby FireLordZuko81 » Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:10 pm

Do you have any lift-up/suspension strangles coming up?
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Postby admin » Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:27 pm

It'll coming soon :wink:
Be ready !

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