A Hit Man Story

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A Hit Man Story

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Picking a Rose

Rose was nervous. She had worked on the weekend at the law office on a
case she had to turn down. She was sure that the client was
connected with the Mafia. Now that she had withdrawn she was
troubled that she knew too much and did not know what the client
would think. She nervously shifted her brief case from one hand
to the other.
Rose got off the elevator at the parking garage and walked to
the catwalk that arched over the parked cars below. She did not
like walking on the thing, even though the grid did not catch
her high heels. She was always nervous about walking on it in
order to reach the spiral staircase that went down to the parking
below. The catwalk was lit from below with very bright lights
which meant it at night it was dark below and someone standing
down there could watch her without being seen, that made her

She had good reason . Right below was the assassin sent to
kill her for what she knew. The Mafia picked him for these jobs
because he was known to have a particular liking for murdering
women. He was called the Lady Killer or LK for short. Now from
below he was checking her out. The woman was about 5ft 5in tall
with strawberry blond hair, narrow face and high cheekbones. She
wore a white sweater a medium wide patterned skirt and white open toed high heels.
A pair of glasses perched on her nose.
LK in his black clothes and nylon mask was quite invisible to her.

Rose heard a small shuffling sound and stopped for a moment. She
was straight above him. She looked over the edge of catwalk her
toes off the edge of the grating. Looking down all she could see
was blackness.

LK could look straight up her skirt. She was one of those 40
year old women who stayed in great shape. Even though the skirt
was not full there was a slight updraft which billowed it
slightly. In the bright upward pointing lights above him he could
see past the hem of skirt and slip. He could see her face with
her glasses glinting in the harsh light from below. He could see
from her high heels to the top of her panties. Shapely ankles, narrow
knees, tan stockings and an expanse of bare thigh ,tight garter
straps crossed and went up under a very tight pair of translucent
high hipped dip front panties.
He was getting a hard on. "Hmm sexy panties for such a
conservative outfit", he thought. " All those leggy charms and
she can't see me."

He usually did not get such a cheesecake show from a woman he
was about to kill and this was getting him excited. He unzipped
his pants and took out his big dork which was stiff now in the
cool night air. He had not done this before and now he liked the
idea of having his hard prick exposed while he murdered a woman.

Rose finally made her way to the spiral staircase down to the
parking garage floor. She walked to her car.

LK slipped into the shadows between the other cars. Moving
quietly because the garage was totally deserted and any sound
would not be masked.

Rose inserted the key in the door to her white BMW ... but did
not get to turn it as a strong arm reached out and caught her
around the neck. She tried to twist away from her assailant and
succeeded for a second. She whirled around but was trapped
between a concrete wall and body of her car. She tried to climb
on the trunk to the top of her car but LK caught one foot and
twisted her over facing him and pulled her back. She plunked down
in a sitting position her back against a concrete column.
She had one knee up and leg down giving LK a look up her skirt.
Again a those glorious legs all the way to her tight panties but much closer to him this time. She
looked at a LK, the back of her hand to her mouth and fear on
her face. Her pale blue eyes fixed on his big stiff dick.

This excited LK even more. He leveled the small caliber pistol
on her its silencer gleaming dully in the harsh light of the

“Don’t make a sound or I will kill you.”

He looked at her.
He had had too many contracts on mistresses and whores lately.
Killing a sophisticated innocent lady was going to be fun.

'Sorry lady should not have taken my employer as a client' , he

“I like your position there,” he said.

She looked in horror at the gun and then at his hard prick.

"Please!", She said, "don't hurt me."

"Bend you knee a little higher and pull up the hem of your
skirt and slip more. Give me a good look at those legs and your

She hesitated, her mood seemed to change, a look of defiance
on her face.

He pulled the trigger of the small caliber hand gun. There is
only the slightest muffled sound from the silencer. The bullet
brushed her hair and made a thunk sound as it embedded in an air
conditioning duct several feet behind her.

She did not hesitate now. She raised her right knee high and
pulled her skirt and slip upwards.

"That’s it hun, now don't feel embarrassed expose your self all
the way above your panties."

The material retreated over narrow knees and broad expanse of
white thigh. Tight light toned high fashion hosiery. Garter
straps disappeared underneath the brief thin white bikini
panties. The garter belt above was white with a little lace on
the garter straps.

God , he thought, she's got great legs, the legs of a dancer
and here he was about to take her life. She sat there with her
skirt and slip way above the top of her panties. One leg down the
other with her knee up. The bikini panties were so tight and
dipped so low that a curl of strawberry pubic hair poked over the top.
The panties were nearly translucent in the harsh light and so tight that he could make
the outline of her pussy.
His dick throbbed.

He went over and bent close to her placing the cold steel of
the gun barrel under her chin. She shivered at its touch. He got
behind her locked an arm about her neck. He pulled her back
against him. He lifted her and half sat on the trunk of the car.

He slipped his hand down the top over panties past a curl of
pubic hair and cupped her pussy. Rose jerked and gasped loudly
shocked by this intimacy. He could smell her expensive perfume.

With his arm around her neck from behind like this he could
cut off any screams, she could only make croaking sounds.

She began kicking and trying to scratch him but he held
her so she only brushed him.

He pushed the panties down an inch, and then slid his hand
around to her ass and pushed down again, evening the height of
front and back. he worked with deliberate slowness and casualness
savoring the woman's wild kicking and fighting. He was almost
sorry when the panties fell down her ankles. One more of her
kicks and they went flying.

She seemed to relax a little thinking he was just after sex.

In her struggle the expanse of thigh flesh above her tightly
gartered hosiery brushed his rock hard prick.

"Now sweety up with the sweater." He shoved the gun into her
neck to emphasis the point.

She complied. She started pushing the sweater up.

"Lets see, just leave the bra on but shove it above your
breasts." She had trouble doing this until he tugged her sweater
out of her skirt and reached up and pulled lose the claps on her
bra. The cups slipped upward. Her sweater was rucked up above her
boobs with the loose bra pushed up.
Her breasts were nice ones, round
and full they stood out from her ribcage almost as straight as
they had with the support of her bar. Rosy nipples stood hard in
the cool air of the garage.

He holstered his gun and with his free right hand cupped one
of her superb breasts savoring the feel of the hard nipple.

He looked around , only a few feet away was a 4 in diameter water pipe running vertically
from ceiling to floor.
He moved her to that and backed her against the pole. He pulled her arms around her and
took some tape from his pocket and bound her long slim hands behind her , so her arms were
behind her and the pipe was at her back.
Holding her with his arm he moved around so he was behind her and the pipe.
He slipped a loop of nylon cord from his gear and a small polished wooden rod.
With one quick motion he got the loop around her neck and inserted the wooden rod braced
against the pipe to make a Spanish style garrote.
He whispered in her ear, ‘sorry sweetheart put its curtains for you now, time to die.”

She jerked at the words and its gave him a jolt of sexual excitement..

Now he turned the rod.

Unexpectedly she tried to lurch forward, but all this did was to make her lose her footing and
fall to a sitting position on the floor. He crouched down at her level putting steady pressure on the cord.

She began to kick the air with her legs in a futile attempt to twist away.
When she had been in her standing position her skirt and slip had fallen back in place ...
but how in her wild death throes both hems where hiked above the top of hips again.
LK continued the pressure and got an erotic thrill watching
the flash of heels , stocking , bare expanse of thigh and garter strap flail the air.
Her bare breasts underneath rucked up sweater and bra were pitching in agony, fine pink nipples standing hard.

Soon her mouth was open in an ugly twist and her tongue, swollen
and puffed protruded.
As death spasms racked her body ... and
she made death rattles in her throat as she died . Finally collapsing in a wild eye stare of
erotic demise.

He loosened the garrote and took it off her. He went around and picked up her dead body.
He placed her on the trunk door of her car.

Behind her glasses her eyes were wide open, pale blue eyes
stared in the last outrage of death and horror. Her head turned
slightly to the side.

He looked at Rose's open mouth and protruding tongue.

He arranged the dead woman on the back of the car. He spread
her legs so her pussy would have maximum exposure.

He shifted her body off of him, and placed the dead woman back on
the expanse of car trunk.

Behind her glasses her eyes were wide open, pale blue eyes
stared in the last outrage of death and horror. Her head turned
slightly to the side.

He had not put his dork back in his pants and it was now
stiff and ready to go again. "God he thought... horny again so

He looked at Rose's open mouth and protruding tongue.

He arranged the dead woman on the back of the car. He spread
her legs so her pussy would have maximum exposure.

He left her with her skirt and slip bunched around her hips, she
still had on her blouse sweater and vest but her breasts were
exposed free from the rucked up bra. He looked again at her great
legs with the tightly gartered hosiery, the backs of her white
high heels resting on the car.

His dick was still hard. He was getting excited again.

He positioned himself so he could force his hard dick into
the dead woman's mouth. He had to force his solid prick past her
distended tongue. He gasped as her teeth scraped the top of his

He thrust into her mouth as long as he could holding his cum
back until he could not control himself any longer. He grunted
and pulled out his big cock and shot his wad. He jetted as much
of his jiz as before. It laced across her nose and spilled her
her dead lips and swollen tongue. A gob went onto her nose and
spilled onto her cheek. Some went into her hair where it
shimmered in the harsh light. With a sigh he pulled back and put his
aching prick back in his pants. He really felt good.

She still wore an expression of wide eyed terror and pain on
her face which gleamed with streaks his cum.

He reached down a picked up her panties, he pocketed them as a

He thought about how they would find her this way dead with
all her clothes in disarray and her feminine charms exposed. That
thought left with him as he exited the garage.

He left her with her skirt and slip bunched around her hips, the
sweater pushed up to her neck, her bra shoved above her breasts,
nipples death hard in the night air.
She was splayed on the back of the car with one leg drawn up and the other dangling over the side.
He looked again at her great legs with the tightly gartered hosiery,
the backs of her white high heels resting on the car.

He was instructed to leave the victims in a kind of humiliating tableau as a warning to

He left the garage.

He read about her body being found in the papers the next day.

He got a bonus when the law firm struck up a friendly relationship with his client.

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