Dark Energy (Short Story for Content Request)

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Dark Energy (Short Story for Content Request)

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Like I said in Fetnoir. This is a Story of which Chris of Chris Corner has already made Chapter 1 and 2. It is named in the films A Horror Story. The name of the Story is Dark Energy. If you which to film each chapter as a series, fine by me.

Well already Chris did Chapter 1 and 2. And the nightmare of Lt. Reddit. But I ran out of funds for the rest. I don't know if PT wants to pick it up where we left it.

Chapter 1
It is a Thursday night. No kids at home, since they left for summer camp out of state. It has been horrible for her. She no longer loves her husband; she stays with him because of the money he produces. She arrives home, and nobody is home, although her husband is sick with a nasty cold. Her feet are killing her, as she walks wobbling with her heels. She usually works in casual attire, but today she was giving a lecture, so she was wearing skirt, thigh highs extra sheer and high heel pumps. She stops in the kitchen, and starts to read her mail. While standing and leaning over her kitchen counter she starts to dip her nylon clad feet in and out of her heels. Her toe nails, painted a dark metallic purple, are seen through the extra sheer nylons. She sighs and as the foot leaves the heel she spreads her toes, and crunches her soles. After a while, Karen takes both shoes off, by simply lifting the leg and letting the shoe fall off by gravity. She grabs her heels and goes to her room to get ready for bed. While walking to her room, she thinks and hopes her husband will probably arrive late from work as always, and goes directly to the couch to sleep. Last thing she needs is for her to catch his cold. Especially with the outing she has planned with her sisters for next morning.

It is late at night, and Karen is sitting brushing her hair in the bedroom vanity mirror, in a satin nightie, with lace trim around her perky breasts. She is still wearing her thigh highs but without any shoes. She just loves how the thigh highs accentuate her legs, and how her feet look in them. She is humming... the lamp light low. The figure in black is watching her, breathing lightly. He has soft leather gloves on, and a wire wrapped around its clenched fists. Karen senses something and stops brushing. Then half turns...”Ralph? Ralph, is that you? I told you to sleep in the spare room tonight. I don’t want that bloody cold of yo...... gurrg!” The figure is upon her and in a flash loops the wire over her head. Karen manages a squeal before she is pulled backwards off the stool. Her hands grab desperately at her throat. Her eyes open wide, and a thin red line appears at her neck as the wire slices through her soft flesh. “Gag, gurgg”. Her mouth opens wide, as well as her eyes, and tongue protrudes a little through her bared white teeth. Her legs kick furiously knocking some bottles and ointments from the dresser. Her feet smudge the mirror. One hand reaches backwards clawing at the figure, but it’s no good. His arms are crossed pulling tighter, as blood trickles down her pale bare skin into her white nightie. “Glug! Gugg! Gurgg!” Her eyes go bloodshot, and as the figure jerks her back harder, her arms drop flopping loosely to her sides. Her blue lips tremble, and her eyes roll. A low gurgles sigh: “gurrggggssssszzz”. Her torso shudders for a second then she goes limp, and her toes spread and then relax. He looks at her, her feet propped up on the bathroom vanity, her eyes rolled back and her tongue sticking out.

He drags her body to a linen closet, where he hangs her corpse from the neck with the same wire she was strangled with. He closes the door. Her body swings, and her dangling feet from time to time rap the door.

The next morning, her sisters Sonia, Lisa and Bonnie, come to get her for a sisters’ only outing. Sonia is wearing some high heel slides, Lisa is wearing some D’orsay Pumps which are stretched, and Bonnie is wearing some very high heel pumps. Sonia tells Lisa and Bonnie to stay in the family room as she goes and get Karen. Bonnie and Lisa start talking about the whole day planned they have. While they talk they dangle the heels from their toes.

Meanwhile, Sonia enters the hallway to the room and starts to call for Karen. “Karen, Karen!” No answer. She hears a rapping in the linen closet door. She goes to investigate. As she closes in on the door, the rapping gets more noticeable. She is scared of the noise, but musters courage to open the door, and does not notice the figure emerging behind her. She opens the door to find her sister, hanging there by her neck. Eyes rolled upward. Her purple tongue sticking out, and a little blood was trickling down her nightie. Her feet, dangling about a foot off the floor. Sonia with her high heels slides goes in shock and starts to walk backward. The figure behind her, simply thrusts the machete forward, from behind and the tip exiting through her chest between her perky breasts. “Gurgggg!” The figure raises the machete, her feet rise a foot from the floor “Gurgg!!” Blood starts exiting from her mouth. She keeps gurgling. Her eyes roll backward. She becomes so weak so fast, that her arms drop rapidly to the side. Her feet did not kick because of her weakness, they only twitch slightly as she is dying rapidly. Her high heel slides, start to dangle from her toes. “Grgg, hssss”. A last gasp is heard, as her head falls forward, her shoes fall by gravity, and we hear the clack of the falling shoes. The figure goes to the laundry, with Sonia high in the air. He impales her body to the door, and closes it so her body is hidden inside the laundry. He takes the heels and hides them.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Bonnie heard the clack of the falling shoes. Lisa, says to Bonnie, stay here a moment. “I’ll go look for Sonia and Karen, looks like they are having a long talk”. Bonnie: “Talking so much?” Lisa: “Yeah! I heard the clack of shoes falling on floor; you know how Karen is, always playing with her shoes when she is in a deep conversation”.

Lisa goes to the hall: “Karen, Sonia?” “Where the hell are they?” “I heard the clacking noise of shoe play, where are they?” “Ok. Sis. This is not funny”. She approaches the laundry. She decides to open the door. The door opens to the inside, so Sonia’s body is still hidden by the door. Lisa looks at the laundry. She gasps as fear grabs her. But she musters courage, and decides to enter. As she walks in to the laundry, the door starts to close behind her revealing Sonia’s body impaled on the door. Her beautiful pedicured feet dangling a foot from the floor, the blood that is trickling through the side of her mouth starts to let fall tiny droplets of blood on the floor. Lisa hears the sound of the droplets hit the floor, and turns around to see the body of her sister impaled on the door. As she is about to scream the figure emerges from behind the washing machine and puts a hand over her mouth, muffling her screams, and with a big kitchen Knife starts to slice the throat, the muffle screams turn to gurgles. You would have thought that with a simple slice the figure would be content, but no. This time, the figure wants something more. He keeps slicing, and slicing as Lisa keeps gurgling, hands falling to the side, twitching, eyes rolling back as the knife penetrates deeper, going through the cartilage of the throat. “Grurggg, hss, gurrg”, is all we hear from her. The figure stops cutting and puts both hands on the sides of the head, and with all the strength it has, twists the head around 180 degrees. A loud crack is heard; her eyes roll back and stay that way as she dies instantly. The shape tugs the head upward; we hear sinew gush as the head is separated from her body. Her body stays, standing for just a few seconds. Then, falls forward knees first. The heels of her feet pop out of shoes revealing her soles, as the headless body stays there kneeled for a few more seconds, then slumps forward. The feet twitch a bit then go still.

The figure carries the head to the kitchen and places it on the fridge. He decides the headless corpse would look beautiful hanging next to Sonia’s body. So with the big kitchen knife, he impales the headless corpse next to Sonia’s on the laundry door. Just for kicks, he puts the slides on Sonia’s feet again, and watches as the slides slowly fall off the dangling feet, and then puts the slides on Lisa’s feet, which are a bit tinier. They fall off immediately.

The clack of the falling heels is heard by Bonnie in the family room. She says: “Great! Now all 3 are talking, and forgot I was here.” Bonnie, as all of her sisters, is also a shoe player, and she likes to wear very high heels. The pumps she wore today were a bit too big for her size, so they tend to slip out as she walked. As she starts to walk toward the clacking noise in the hall, her heels start to slip out. “Damn! I had to pick these shoes today. All for Beauty!”. “Karen, Sonia, Lisa! Where the hell are you?” Bonnie: “Ok girls! This is not funny!” “Come on girls! Stephanie will be here any minute now!” “Ok. Be that way!” “I go to the fridge and get some wine.” She goes to the kitchen, and opens the fridge revealing Lisa’s head, her face all pale and eyes rolled back. As she turns around to run she sees the figure standing behind her, with a big lance. He thrust forward as Bonnie opens her mouth to scream. The lance enters the mouth and exits the back of her skull, her eyes roll back and we hear a simple gurgle that turns in to a soft gasp, as her hands fall to the side. The figure drags the body by the lance, keeping the body standing. The heels of her shoes drag through the floor until they fall off revealing her beautiful feet. When he gets to the linen closet, he pulls the lance back, the body stays standing for a few seconds then collapses to the floor. He says, she would look so beautiful hanging right next to Karen. So he gets more wire, and fashions a noose, grabs the corpse and loops the noose around her neck. He hangs her right next to Karen’s body. He also, grabs the heels and first tries them on Karen’s now stiff hanging body. The shoes do not stay on. They fall immediately. Same happens when he puts them on Bonnie’s feet. The figure which we see wears a black hoodie, exits the house leaving the hanging bodies of the Belloti sisters.

Chapter 2

Christine Skyler a reporter of the local news of Mulholland is reporting live on television: "Police are baffled by the murder scene found in Mulholland, where 4 sisters (Karen, Sonia, Lisa, and Bonnie Bellotti) were found grotesquely murdered. The husband of Karen Billotti, the older sister, is in custody and being questioned by police after being found unconscious in the backyard of the house wearing a black hoodie".

Homicide detective Lt. Norma Reddit is with forensics investigators in the office, viewing photos of the crime scene and autopsy reports. Looking at the photos of the hanging corpses of Karen and Sonia. Reddit asks to the forensic pathologist: "how the hell he hanged that corpse up there with the wire? He must be super strong." The forensic tells him: "Yes very strong, and the husband looks fit but, still that does not explain how in the hell he was able to rip and twist that girl's head off with his bare hands. I mean, no matter how strong a person is, it is virtually impossible for a man to rip and twist a head off, even if half of the neck was sawn. There is still left a lot of ligaments, muscle and bone for a person to rip with its bare hands." Norma replies: "well this guy somehow did. He claims he did not do it, but he does not remember how he ended in the backyard unconscious, although we did not find blood on him or anything".

Flashback to 20 years ago. A group of women are surrounding somebody laughing at the person, shouting at the person, and calling him a pervert, one lady throws a rock.

Return to today, at a jewelry shop located in a mall in the same town of the murders. Yazmin, Kathrina and Monique are sales girls in the shop and are talking. It has been a slow day, almost closing time. Yazmin asks Kathrina and Monique: "did you girls hear about the murder of the Belloti sisters?" Kathrina says: "yes. I heard. It is horrible. I knew Lisa. I heard her head was severed and put on a fridge." As they discuss the murders, they play with their shoes, dipping their feet in and out of shoes as they lean on the counter. They all wear professional clothes like skirt, blouse and heels, with extra sheer hose. Kathrina wears some sling backs and she has loosen the strap so she can dip her feet out easily, Yazmin some pumps, and Monique some slides. As they dip, they keep talking, especially Monique with the slides, lifting the leg and letting the slide fall off as she spreads her toes in relief. Louie the guard, passes by and says: "closing time ladies. The mall is empty, but don't worry girls I will be around so don't you girls worry about anything. Plus I heard that they caught the murderer. Apparently, it was the husband." The girls all say at the same time in a flirty manner: "thank you Louie". He steps outside to smoke a cigarette.

Kathrina and Yazmin tell Monique they are going to the back of the store to organize the new jewelry to be sold, and Monique tells them she will be counting the proceeds in the register. Kathrina and Yazmin start to talk as they open the boxes in the storage room and start organizing the new jewelry: "Monique is so lucky, she has a chair in that register, we have to do this standing and my feet are killing me" As Yazmin says that they both start dipping again. Kathrina says: "Yes. That bitch. She is so lucky. She even works because she wants to. Her husband has a lot of money and buys her everything she wants". Yazmin says: "you're right, and the funny thing is she mistreats him. She ignores him, she is unfaithful to him and is always humiliating him." Kathrina replies: "you are one to talk. I have seen how you treat your boyfriend, you treat him like shit". Yazmin laughs and replies: "Me? Hey, I am not the one who enjoys cheating on her boyfriend and using sex as a weapon". Kathrina laughs and says: "Yup. I guess we all are 3 bad bitches. Hehe".

Louie is outside smoking a cigarette when a breeze in the night air, that seems unusual since it has been a windless night, moves the leaves of the trees. The breeze and the movement of the leaves call his attention, it feels like an aura. Like a presence is there. He looks to the trees but doesn't see anything. All of a sudden Louie is paralyzed and his face goes blank. His hand lets go of the cigarette and it falls to the floor. He just stands there catatonic and with a blank stare.

Monique is sitting in the chair counting the money. She has been crossed legged all the time, the shoe dangling from her big toe. Now she uncrosses her legs, leans forward and crosses her feet at the ankles. The foot that is over the other foot's ankle in the air lets the shoe fall off revealing her sole. She twirls the shoe with her toes. She feels something approaching and she asks: "Yazmin, you girls finished?” Suddenly a hand covers her mouth and as she tries to scream the other hand squeezes her throat forcing her to open her mouth. The figure opens the counter in front and starts to grab jewelry. First a bunch of rings with all types of stones and diamonds and starts to shove them on Monique's open mouth, she gags as the rings go down her throat. She starts to gurgle and her feet kick the shoes off, legs stretching forward from time to time as she goes in shock and her toes spread. Now he starts to force down her throat necklaces, then earrings that do not have the covers so the pointy end starts to cut the inside of her throat. We hear her gurgle as her eyes open wide and roll backward. Her legs stretch out once again with toes spreading wide then she lets out a faint gurgle and a gasp as she dies. Her legs and feet relaxing. Eyes open, and tongue out due to the choking with all that jewelry clogging her throat. He positions her in the same sitting position she was before, with legs crossed, and puts her shoes on, so as before one shoe is dangling from her big toe.

Meanwhile, Katrina and Yazmin are still preparing the new merchandise. Suddenly Yazmin notices one of the new jewels has not been registered at the computer: "Darn! Wait here Kathrina, I have to go to Monique and have her enter this one in the system". "Ok" says Kathrina.

Yazmin enters the room were Monique's lifeless body is sitting. Yazmin sees her from behind, the shoe dangling from her toe. She does not realize she is dead. "Monique, I need you to enter this bracelets in the system. Monique. Hello! Earth to Monique” Monique does not answer. Yazmin starts to get scared, and asks in a scared tone: "Monique, are you awake? Monique?" She touches Monique on the shoulder. The dangling shoe falls, and Monique slowly slumps to the side and falls from the chair. Yazmin tries to say something as she sees the lifeless corpse of Monique on the floor, but she cannot scream from the shock, she just turns around to run to Katrina. As she turns around the figure is there and with one hand grabs her by the throat and squeezes hard. Immediately she starts to gag since he squeezes with an extraordinary force. She opens her eyes wide and gags and gurgles as he lifts her off the ground. Her feet are in the air, shoes struggling to stay on her feet. She claws at the arms of the figure, but to no use, he puts more pressure on her throat, her eyes rolling and her shoes simply drop from her feet by gravity. As she starts to get weaker, the figure puts a lot of pressure on the throat and a loud crack and a long crunching sound is heard as the throat simply breaks in a lot of pieces. She starts to gurgle, her arms falling to the side, her toes spreading and wiggling, a little blood trickling from side of her mouth. Her head slumps down and to the side as she expires with a faint gurgle. The figure keeps her in the air by her throat and sees a spike protruding from the wall where coat hangers are placed. He impales the back of her head against the coat hanger, leaving her hanging there. Her face facing forward, eyes opened, tongue slightly protruding, and a bit of blood on the side of the mouth. Her feet dangle one foot from the floor. With various bracelets and neck laces together, he fashions a noose and hangs Monique's corpse by the neck right next to Yazmin's impaled body. Just for the fun of it, he puts their shoes back on and watches as gravity does its work as the shoes fall off from their dangling feet.

Kathrina is finishing her inventory, all the time while dipping in her slingbacks. "Ouch. This shoes are killing me. I would take them off but this floor is dirty, and these stockings are new. Now, what happened to Yazmin? Why is she taking so long? I better go check on them, hope they are not chatting away without doing nothing. I want to get out of here as soon as possible".

Kathrina walks out of the storage room and to the selling room where Monique and Yazmin are. Her feet almost slipping out of her sling backs, she walks in the selling area, and doesn't notice that to her right on the wall Yazmin and Monique are hanging on the wall. She calls them and they do not answer. All of a sudden, one of Yazmin's shoes that was still on one of her dangling feet, drops to the floor with a loud clack. Kathrina looks to her right at the sound of the fallen heel, and sees in horror her two friends dead and hanging on the wall. Fear grips her: "Oh my God!" As she turns around to get out the figure is behind her, and as she is about to scream the figure swipes hard and fast with a machete on hand. A "Wiuff" is heard, as well as the sound of instant cutting of sinew, flesh and bone, and an instant gasp. Kathrina's eyes open wide, frozen in an instant dead stare with her mouth open. Faint gags, very faint, come out of her open mouth, while she stays there standing paralyzed. A thin red line appears around her neck, and her ankles start to wobble a bit. As if her dead body is trying to stay up fighting the urge to fall. After a good 20 seconds, she falls to her knees with her soles coming out of her shoes, slowly her head snaps back and falls off rolling on the floor. Her headless body stays kneeled also a good 10 seconds as the soles twitch and toes wiggle a bit, then the rest of the body slumps forward. The figure grabs the head and puts it in the display counter and in front of one of the little signs that says "50% discount", as if the head was for sale. He grabs the headless body, and sits it in the chair with legs crossed and puts the sling backs on. He watches as the sling back on the foot that is on the upper leg dangles from Kathrina's toes. Afterwards, he starts to play with Yazmin and Monique's feet, putting the shoes on their dangling feet until the shoes fall, afterwards the figure grabs the hanging feet of each and rubs them on his crotch. He does the same to Kathrina's foot when the dangling slingback falls. The figure at the end, puts the shoes back on the corpses, and exits the store, leaving Kathrina's headless corpse sitting on the chair with legs crossed and the sling back dangling from her toes, as well as Yazmin and Monique's shoes dangling from their dangling feet.

The figure exits to the parking lot, revealing to us to have a black hoodie like the one the figure that killed the Belloti sisters was wearing. Then the figure says in a dreadful and guttural voice: "It is done Tom O'Reilly". The figure then collapses to the floor.

Chapter 3

Lt. Reddit is still in her office, talking with the forensics technician while examining the photos of the crime scene of the Belloti sisters. Like in a sense of déjà vu, she discusses once again the crime scene and how impossible it is for the killer to have done all those deeds. Suddenly she hears the forensics technician say: “Well lieutenant, anything’s possible”. Without warning, the technician has looped a stocking around her long slender neck and pulls hard. She starts to gag and gurgle, as her feet kick hard. Her eyes start to look dazed and confused, as one heels falls off revealing her beautiful nylon clad foot with black toe nail polish. The technician pulls even harder, and her body arcs in the chair. Her other shoe falls off, as her tongue starts to come out just slightly. Her toes start to spread as faint gurgles start to come out of her half open mouth and her eyes open wide. Her left arm dangles now, and her feet rest on the floor, a faint gasp and expiration as she dies. The technician lets go of the nylon garrote, and her body slips to the floor. He takes his own sweet time caressing her nylon clad feet first, then he unbuttons her shirt and breaks open her bra revealing her white and firm breasts. He starts to caress her breasts, and follows by examining her vagina by tearing open the nyloned area and her panties. Just as he is going to penetrate her she hears a voice calling: “Reddit, Reddit!!!” Lt. Reddit wakes up all startled and sweating. She fell asleep in her desk, one photo of the Belloti crime scene stuck on her face. She removes it, and sees that it is the technician, who tells her: “You ok? It looked like you were having a nightmare.” Reddit shakes her head and rubs her eyes in order to wake up fully and replies: “Oh yes I was. You will not believe it. In the dream you… Oh well never mind. This fucking crime scene is so horrible that it is giving me nightmares.” The technician tells her: “Well, I think your nightmares are going to get even worst. We just received a call from dispatch, we have to go to the jewelry shop located in the small mall in the center of town. The D.A. is waiting for us there.” Reddit asks: “What? What happened?” The technician tells her: “Another set of murders. It is best if you see it for yourself.”

Lt. Reddit is in the jewelry shop, looking around, and scratching her head with a face of bewilderment as she walks through the murder scene. Reddit asks the forensic technician: “Ok. So tell me: what is your preliminary finding?” The technician says to her: “You see the two girls hanging there by the wall? Well, I would need to confirm once the autopsy is performed, but looks like one was first choked by shoving a bunch of jewelry through her mouth and to her throat until she suffocated to death, then she was impaled through the head. The other one is worst. She was lifted by the throat, and judging from the marks it was with one hand, and it looks like her throat was squeezed so hard it was broken in a hundred pieces. The third one was simply decapitated with a swift swipe of the machete you see there on the floor”. Reddit tells the technician: “Let me guess, no human is supposed to crush a throat like that”. The technician tells her: “Well, a human could, but he has to be very strong, and the security guard you found unconscious in the parking lot with a black hoodie, what’s his name, Louie? He is really out of shape. I don’t think he had the strength to do that, let alone decapitate that other girl with a slash of the blade”. Reddit tells the technician: “Well the question is whether we have a killer and a copycat, or we don’t have the real killer. But more intriguing is the fact that we have at least two girls murdered in an almost impossible manner, and two suspects that were found unconscious, wearing a black hoodie, and that do not remember a thing. Hmm. A black hoodie. I think I remember a crime that once happened regarding the victim or the killer wearing a black hoodie. Oh Crap! Here comes that bitch reporter Skyler.”

Reporter Skyler approaches Lt. Reddit and in a sarcastic ways starts her interview: “Well Lt. Reddit, looks like we have the makings of a serial killer, isn’t it? What clues if any does your department has?” Reddit answers: “Mrs. Skyler, the situation is still premature and we are still investigating the crime scene, we cannot comment any further so that we do not damage the investigation”. Skyler replies: “Really? Sources say the killings are basically similar: two girls killed and their bodies hanged, the other decapitated, and one suspect with a black hoodie. Can you comment on that?” Reddit tells her bluntly: “Read my lips. No comments”.

Skyler is intrigued by the rumors, and the fact that the police department is keeping a tight lid on the investigation. This type of murders have never happened before in Mulholland, but something about a black hoodie, sounds familiar. She just cannot remember what it is. Well, now is not the time to dwell on this she has to go to the news department and write the news flash for this story. She just hopes her idiotic husband does not start calling her that he needs her help in the house.

20 years ago, the figure being encircled by a group of woman has a black hoodie. There is blood on the floor from the rock that hit in the forehead of the figure which turns out to be a man. Another woman yells to him: “You sick fuck! You like feet, how do you like my feet now?” The woman stomps him with her stiletto heel, the heel entering his upper leg. A howl of pain is heard from him, and him yelling and asking them to stop, that he didn’t mean it, that he was defending himself.

It is late at night at a clinic. The night shift is attended by Dr. Jane Galante, the attending nurse, Geena, secretary Antonia, and invoicing clerk Tina. Antonia nor Dr. Galante have arrived yet in this slow night. Geena and Tina are talking at the counter. Geena is wearing a nurse uniform with white sheer pantyhose, and some wooden white clogs. Tina is wearing a skirt and some pumps. As they both talk, they dip their feet in and out of their shoes. Geena says to Tina: "Oh the club last night was awesome. Lots of cute guys, but more important, with money to spend. I basically did not spend a penny for drinks. Funny thing is most of those dumb asses thought they had a break with me. One, in particular, I think he spent about $100 on me." Tina tells her: "Geez. I have to go with you one of this nights, so you can show me how you do that. “Geena tells her: "But aren't you married?". Tina tells her: "Yes. But I am tired of that loser. Serves me right for marrying a fucking landscaper. What was I thinking? I basically try to avoid him. Let me know which night you are going to the club."

Outside the clinic in the sidewalk we hear the fast clicking of high heel shoes. Walking as fast as possible, Dr. Galante is hurrying toward the clinic. A homeless person sitting on the side asks her for some change. She says in disgust: "Ugh! Get away from me you fucking scum! Go get a job!" She enters the clinic and sees Geena and Tina talking and in a high voice tells them: "What the fuck are you doing there talking like there is nothing to do? Is this what the clinic pays you for? Tina, don't you have some invoicing to do? And where the fuck is Antonia?" Geena tells her that Antonia is running a bit late because she is taking care of her sick husband. Dr. Galante tells Tina: "Call Antonia, and tell her that if she is not here in 10 minutes she is fired." She enters her office and slams the door, and starts talking to herself: "Fucking little goody two shoes. Can't her husband take care of himself? Geez! Let's see if any patients come today." She puts her medical coat on. She is wearing some long black pants, and she wears some sexy slides. As she starts to review the records from patients, she starts to slide her feet in and out of her slides.

Antonia is arriving at the clinics, but first stops and talks to the homeless guy and talks to him: "How are you doing John?" As she gives him a sandwich in a brown bag, John tells her: "As good as any forgotten veteran of this country can do. No job, no nothing. I cannot even get a decent prosthesis for the leg I lost in Iraq. I have been looking for a job, but they won't hire a veteran with mental disability or lacking a leg." Antonia tells him: "Chin up John. My husband is asking around at the building he works to see if he can find you a job. You just hang in there and eat that pastrami sandwich my husband prepared for you, ok?" John, looks at her with tearful eyes and thanks her.

Antonia enters the clinic and Tina and Geena tells her: "You're in trouble girl. Dr. Galante wants your ass." Antonia tells them: "But did you girls told her that I was attending my husband who was sick with the flu?" Geena tells her: "Yes. But you know how big of a bitch she can be." Antonia goes in the Dr. Galante's office, and Dr. Galante in a high voice tells her that she did not care if her husband was sick or not, that she had a duty to the clinic, and if she ever got there late again she was going to request the administration to fire her. Antonia then goes to her desk and starts working immediately.

Outside the clinic, the homeless man eats his sandwich. The homelessness situation has hit John very hard. He is frail, sick, and coughing all the time. He can't barely walk because his prosthesis in his leg does not fit him well. He musters all his strength to get up and walk a bit. He turns around the corner and in the dark sees a dark figure pass very fast. "Hmm" he says to himself: "It is funny, it looked like a man, but he moved like he was floating". As he walks through the alley, the lamp post turns off. Suddenly the alley is dark, and an eerie feeling overwhelms John. He hears noises as if somebody is walking behind him. He turns around, but nothing is there. As he turns again a figure in a black hoodie is right in front of him and in an eerie voice says: "Avenge me".

Dr. Galante comes out of her office, and goes to Antonia: "Antonia. Go to the shed outside and lower that air conditioner. It is freezing in here." Antonia goes outside with her heels clicking in the sidewalk as she walks fast. It is late, dark and to make it worst she does not see John anywhere who always is looking out for her. She starts to walk around the building and she has to pass through the alley. She goes slowly and carefully looking around. She hears strange noises, as if someone is breathing behind her, but she turns around and sees nothing. She keeps going forward toward the shed behind the building.

Inside the clinic, Geena is organizing the medical devices on a shelf. As she stands reviewing the manifest, she lifts her leg and lets one clog fall off her foot. She starts to relieve herself, wiggling and spreading her toes. Then she does the same with the other foot. She hears suddenly a creaking sound, like a door opening, she turns around but does not see anything. She starts to read the manifest again. A hand grabs the sphygmomanometer (blood pressure meter) and approaches Geena. "Ok Tina, I know it is you, you are not going to scare me this time you joker", she says without turning around. All of a sudden, a figure with a black hoodie is behind her and immediately places the inflatable cuff of the pressure meter around her neck. As she is about to react, the figure starts pumping the bulb very fast, and the cuff immediately starts to squeeze Geena's neck. She starts to gag and gurgle, as her face starts to turn purple, her eyes open wide and her tongue protrudes. He keeps pumping, and with the cable that holds the pump, he pulls it up, as she tries to grab the cuff to see if she can undo the velcro, but with the lack of air she cannot coordinate or think straight. He pumps even more, her eyes coming almost out of her sockets and all red from the pressure. She starts to get weak and gags are heard coming out of her throat as he pulls the pump higher which in turn pulls the cable attached to the cuff and lifts her high in the air, her twitching feet about half a foot from the air let the clogs simply slip off her stocking clad feet. A faint gurgle is heard as her toes spread then relax, her head slumps to the side showing her purple face, and her protruding eyes and tongue. She is dead and hanging in the air. The figure ties the pump to one of the high shelves, leaving Geena hanging by her neck. Her stocking clad feet dangle a foot from the floor, and he puts her clogs right under her dangling feet.
Antonia is in the shed, looking for a ladder to get up and get to the thermostat of the air conditioner. She finds one, but hears a noise coming behind it, she closes carefully, and there is a dark space behind the ladder. As she gets closer the noise, there is something moving that gets more noticeable. As she gets to the ladder all of a sudden a cat jumps out of the ladder. She screams, and then says: "Fucking cat! Almost gave me a heart attack." She gets the ladder and places it in front of the AC.

Dr. Galante is looking for Geena. "Tina. Where's Geena?".”She is in the storage room" Tina replies to her. Dr. Galante goes to the storage room. She opens the door and enters, and does not notice Geena hanging on the shelf behind her. "Geena. Where are you? I need you to ready the triage area in case any patients arrive. Geena. Geena?" She hears the creaking sound of the metal shelf as Geena dangles from it. She turns around and sees Geena, her eyes open wide in terror, and as she is about to scream the figure appears behind her puts both hands to the side of her head and twists hard and fast 180 degrees. The figure keeps both hands to the side of the head so that Dr. Galante does not fall as she is dead with her eyes rolled backward and tongue slightly protruding. The figure gives another hard twist so that the head now gives another turn. The 360 degree turn completely breaks her neck, vertebrae protruding out of the muscle, and skin, and it tears all the ligaments and muscles of the neck. With one jerk he pulls the head off. As if some kind of enchantment, the body jerks and stays standing there for almost 30 seconds, and falls just like the two girls that were beheaded before. When she kneels her pumps slip out of her dead feet, and then a few seconds later the headless body slumps forward. The figure carries the head with one hand and with the other hand grabs the headless body by the back of the coat and drags it along. Her soles dragging behind. Tina is in her office and involved in her work so she does not see the figure pass in front of her door through the hall and to one of the patient's attending room. The figure rests the body of Dr. Jane Galante in the patient bed and puts her head between her feet.

Tina is oblivious to what has been happening. She just has been entering invoices, when her concentration is interrupted by some noises coming out of the patients' attending room. She gets up and starts to walk toward the patients' room, her pumps slip out of her feet as she walks because they're a bit big for her. She opens the patients' room and sees Dr. Galante's head looking right at her, the soles of her feet at the sides of the head as her headless body rests on the patients' bed. The figure emerges behind her. She screams, and turns around and sees the figure, as she is screaming the figure thrusts a very big thermometer with a steel tip through her forehead. Immediately her eyes cross, and she starts to shiver as the figure holds the thermometer and keeps her standing. The figure lifts the thermometer a bit, Tina's feet uplift a bit making her stand by her toes, the heels of her soles coming out a bit of her shoes. She keeps shivering and gagging faintly, then, the gagging stops and her dangling shivering arms stop. She is dead, and the figure pulls out the thermometer that has been keeping her standing at the tip of her toes. We hear a gushing sound as the thermometer exits the forehead. Her face reveals a dead and shocked stare as she stands there about 30 seconds, falls to her knees her feet coming out just like it happened to Dr. Galante, and then slumps forward falling face first.

"Got it!!" Says Antonia, after she manages to reach the thermostat and lower the AC. She returns the ladder to its place and starts to walk toward the building. She gets to the dark alley, and hears once again strange sounds. The atmosphere gets eerie, as a breeze blows past her, moving cans and banging them against the trash container. She paralyzes in fear as she hears an ominous breathing sound right behind her. She opens her eyes in fear and turns around and sees a figure with a black hoodie just behind her. The figure ominously stands before her, and grabs her by the throat and squeezes only to restrict her from screaming but does not squeeze too much, as she stands there paralyzed, the figure says in a whispering voice: "Keep doing good on to others". Suddenly, the figure releases her, she starts to cough as the figure collapses in front of her. She recovers herself and turns the figure around who is revealed to be John. "John! John!" Shouts Antonia as she tries to wake him up. She notices he is breathing, but he seems unconscious and in shock. She gets up and starts running toward the clinic to tell the girls to help her carry him so that Dr. Galante can attend him. She gets to the door but sees the lights are off and a sign on the door that says Closed. She stops cold on her tracks, and decides to enter carefully to the clinic. As she enters, the waiting room is dark. She sees what seems to be some figures sitting in the waiting room chairs. She turns the light on and sees Dr. Galante and Tina sitting there with their legs crossed and both of their heels dangling from their toes. She puts her hands on her mouth so that no scream comes from her, and approaches Dr. Galante, whose neck looks weird and bloody. She touches her by the shoulder, and she starts to scream when her head simply falls off and rolls on the floor. She screams as she also sees Tina's dead stare with a hole in her forehead. She starts to call for Geena, and runs to the storage room. She enters the storage room, and as she hears the creaking sound she turns and sees Geena hanging by her neck from the shelf. The emotion is too much to bear for Antonia who faints and falls to the floor unconscious.

Chapter 4

"I just can't believe this" says Lt. Reddit to the forensics pathologist as she looks at Dr. Galante's naked and headless corpse lying in the autopsy table with the Y incision already stitched on her whole front of her torso. "Yes" says the pathologist, "It is impossible. The only thing that can rip apart a head like that is the force generated in a car accident, or for example when there is a botched hanging execution, which was not the case here. You see the marks in both her temples?" He says as he shows the severed head to Lt. Reddit. "Those are finger marks, I cannot believe I am going to say this, but it would seem as if somebody grabbed her head with the hands and simply twisted the head around completely and tore it off. That is impossible. I am baffled."

Lt. Reddit scratches her head as she is at a loss. She really can't tell what is happening. The homeless guy they found unconscious was very weak, and even though he had a black hoodie, just like the previous men they had found, there was no way he could have killed those girls, even less rip the head off the doctor with his bare hands. And there was another question, why did Antonia, the secretary, was not killed? She pondered these questions as she sees the bodies of Tina and Geena lying on the autopsy table, still dressed and awaiting for their turns for the autopsy. "Black hoodie?" She thought, "Let’s check the police records".

At the police archives, Lt. Reddit searches the system to see if there are other records of a killer or victim with black hoodie. The search yields various findings, but one simply jumps out at her, Tom O'Reilly. She starts to read the record: "Hmm. 20 years ago, this guy was lynched by a mob of 20 women, one of them daughter of the mayor. They beat him, stabbed him with their heels, hanged him, and then beheaded him with an axe. The murder charges were never filed against any woman, even though several of them were identified. Apparently the lynch mob formed because the guy accidentally killed his wife, while he was defending himself since she was beating him with a club. Apparently in one of her attempts to hit him he shoved her in order to avoid the club, and she fell down the stairs and broke her neck." "Wow!" she exclaimed. From the interviews with the husbands or boyfriends of all recently murdered girls, turns out their relations were hitting rock bottom, and in most cases the husbands confessed there was mistreatment and psychological abuse from those girls to the guys. "Something has to be related. But what? Tom O'Reilly has been dead for 10 years. Coincidence, copy catting? I don't know. And still I cannot explain the physically impossible murders." She thought out loud. "Have you ever heard of an Onryo?" an old man that guarded the archives said to her. She reacted startled since she did not know he was behind hearing her: "Jesus!! You scared me!" "I am sorry" the old man said to her, "an Onryo is a Japanese name for a vengeful ghost. Japanese legends tell that if someone is killed in an unjust manner, his spirit may return to kill those who hurt him, or to wreak havoc." "Ghosts? Are you serious?" she says to the old man letting out a small laugh. "Why not?" said the old man, "you just said that some of the murders were physically impossible for a man to do. When you rule out all possible theories, the theory that is left, however impossible must be the correct one. And besides, you don't have to believe in ghosts in the folkloric term. Have you ever heard of residual energy?" "No" Reddit says. Well, we all emit energy. Hatred, anger, desire for revenge are very powerful emotions and could left a very strong imprint on things, and a negative aura of energy that may possess people around it. Who knows maybe this ghost is possessing the men you found and granting them super human strength" "Ok" says Reddit "supposing that you are correct, how I get rid of such a negative energy? Jesus! I must be out of my mind if I am considering this." The old man tells her: "I am not saying that this is what it is, but hey, you have been dwelling on this and there is no logical or rational explanation for this murders, so you risk nothing checking the irrational out. Now for your question, supposedly there are two ways: "One is laying the body to rest if no proper burial has been done; or two, finding the person who wronged him and making it pay so that justice is served". "The mayor's daughter!" Reddit exclaims, "I need to find her!" "Nobody knows where she is", the old man said to her, "Rumors are that the mayor bribed the police and the D.A., so that no charges were ever brought to her or her friends and then he hid her."

Christine Skyler is at her desk staring intensely at her computer. A picture of Tom O’Reilly on her monitor as she reads a news clipping from 20 years ago. She is dangling her high heel pumps from her big toe as she reads on. Her assistant appears behind her as well as her intern: Wendy and Janice. “Hey Christine!” the both say startling Christine: “Fuck! You girls scared me. Can’t you see I am deeply concentrated here?” “Oops! Sorry.” Says Janice. “So. Found already the connection between O’Reilly and the murders?” Says Wendy. “Well the funny thing is, the then mayor’s daughter and the mayor have since banished. Nobody knows where they are. Look at this clipping. She was a suspect of killing him with the help of 20 other women that were friends of her”. Christine explains to Wendy and Janice, as they both stand behind her and lean on the back of her chair. Janice lifts her foot and lets fall off her platform mule, revealing her soles, and Wendy also lifts her foot and shakes it a bit, letting her flat fall off also, then uses her toes to twirl her flat around on the floor. As they are both dipping, Wendy tells Christine who is also dangling her heels: “I know you, you little weasel. You found out somehow where the former mayor and her daughter are.” Christine smiles and clicks her mouse revealing another tab in her browser showing an old decrepit house in some woods. “There. That is the place they were last seen. I found some clippings on the internet.” – “Are you going to check the place?” asked Wendy. “Well. I was planning on going tomorrow morning, but I need to do a bit more research.” Said Christine. Wendy tells her: “We’ll stay with you and help you. What the fuck are we going to do? Go to our stupid husbands?” All three laugh. Janice tells them: “Cool. I am going out for a cigarette and will be back to help you”. Christine replies: “Ok. And by the way, can you send that idiot gardener outside home. He gives me the fucking creeps. I mean, who fucking gardens at 7:00 p.m.?”

Janice exits the building through the back door. As she exits outside, she sees Enrique with some garden shears, trimming the bushes. “Enrique!!”. Yells Janice as she lights up her cigarette. “Yes, señorita.” Replies Enrique in his Mexican accent. “Could you please finish up for tonight? We are gong to be working late and we will not be able to concentrate with the sound of a trimmer outside.” Said Janice. Enrique looks at the equipment he just unloaded from his pick up truck in resignation, and tells her: “Ok Mrs. Janice. Although, if I stay, wouldn’t you three be more secure? You know there is no guard at this hour.” Janice laughs and says to Enrique: “Enrique. You cannot protect even yourself. I mean, how tall are you? 5 foot 4? And you’re almost 60 years old” “Hey! At least moving this trimmer has given me some biceps” Enrique laughs and starts to pick up his equipment. Janice smiles. For some unexplained reason, she cares for the old geezer, which she hates, because she doesn’t like to feel vulnerable. The news reporting business is a tough profession who demands tough people. She finishes her cigarette and starts to walk at the door, her feet in her platform mules making her walk a little awkward, and Enrique can’t help but to admire how those platforms enhance her legs, and how sexy she looks with that mini skirt.

As Janice enters, a breeze in the night starts to blow some leaves. As Enrique is mounting his equipment, he hears a rattling noise in the bushes. Enrique looks to the bushes. All he sees is darkness behind them. “Hello?” A breeze starts to howl, and in the background a very faint gnarling breath is heard. An ominous presence is felt by Enrique, who starts loading his equipment faster. The bushes rattle again. He turns to them, and sees like a shadowy figure behind the bushes, far in to the woods. He tries to yell, but cannot open his mouth. He feels his feet planted on the floor. As he looks, he notices his forearms are starting to develop bruises. An ominous gnarling is heard as the shadowy figure floats very fast toward Enrique. Enrique tries to scream but he cannot. He realizes he is completely frozen, as the figure turns in to an empty black hoods that envelopes him.

Christine calls Janice to her desk. "Janice, have you found anything?" Janice says: "No. I have been researching for an hour now, and after the move to the house in the woods, apparently nobody had seen the mayor and his daughter. They simply disappeared... Wuff! This is tiresome. I am going to the pantry to get some coffee. You girls want some?" "No thanks" Wendy and Christine say at the same time.

Janice enters the pantry and starts to prepare coffee. As she waits for the coffee machine to start, she dips her feet in and out of her mule platforms. Her soles red from being all day on her feet. She is really tired, spreading and wiggling her toes in relief with each dip. She hears a sound coming out of a closet door that says "Supplies". She looks at the door and says: "hmm. Probably a mop that was not stored correctly." But once again she hears a noise. This time like a rattle. She carefully approaches the door. She hears another rattle. She is scared, but is determine to find out what the noise is all about. She opens the door fast, and as soon as the door is opened, a pair of garden shears emerge very fast locking on to her neck. The figure holding the shears start to press them, and the shears commence cutting Janice's throat. Janice eyes open wide, and her mouth opens with her tongue out. She starts to gag and gurgle as the shears sever her throat cartilage. Having the shears locked tight to her neck, the figure pushes her backward to the pantry cabinet and with a forward push lifts her in the air and sits her on the cabinet. Her feet dangling from the floor as she is sitting in the cabinet, her eyes rolling back and the tongue coming out more as the shears press on and cut more severing most of her throat and neck. Her feet shiver, and the platforms fall off from her feet. As the shears reach the vertebrae we start to hear some faint gurgles, along with a bone crushing sound. The toes spread and her eyes roll back completely, as we hear a final sound of bone crushing and sinew being cut. Suddenly the toes relax, as the shears are closed. Her head tilts to the side and falls off to the floor. The headless body falling backwards. Her beautifully pedicured feet in red polish dangling. The figure grabs Janice's head puts it in the pantry's sink, her eyes opened wide but rolled completely backwards. Her mouth closed but with the tongue protruding. The figure picks Janice headless body and stands it behind the supply room door, so that when anybody opens it, the body falls forward.

"Hey Wendy" says Christine. "Could you go to the supply room and get me some highlighters?" Of course says Wendy. Wendy starts to walk to the pantry were the supply room is, but decides to take a detour to the bathroom. Christine sits in her chair surfing through the internet researching to see if she finds anything else about the mayor and her daughter. She suddenly finds an obscure local newspaper with reports from a supposed witness that claim that the mayor and daughter were murdered. The eyewitness, Mr. Thompson who is now in a psychiatric ward claimed he saw their bodies. The mayor beheaded and his daughter hung. No bodies were ever found. "Hmm". Said Christine. "Interesti... guukk! Grrg!" She suddenly starts to gurgle as a trimmer cord is wrapped around her neck. A shadowy figure pulling hard on both ends. The cord starts to dig in her throat and cut through, as her kicking legs kick off her heels. Her legs stretch forward, as she gags and gurgles. Her soles stretching and her toes spread. She tries hard to grab the cord, but it is useless. She kept kicking as she kept trying to claw to the cord. This strangling was going to take a lot of time, but the figure took matters in to its own hands. With one hand he grabbed both ends of the cord and pulled up, standing Christine up. Then with the other hand grabbed a trimmer and put both ends in the mechanism of the trimmer and locked them. All the time Christine was choking and trying to claw at the trimmer, standing on her toes, as the hand lifted both ends. When both ends were locked, the figure grabbed the trimmer with one hand, and lifted the end with the cord upwards, lifting Christine in the air. Her feet with black nail polished kicking in the air. She starts to gag and gurgle harder, her eyes coming almost out of her sockets and her tongue out. He presses the trimmer button and the mechanism starts to pull very hard the cord. She starts to gag "garrg" as her eyes open even wider, and her tongue comes out even more from the pressure. Her legs stretching and toes spreading and her arms fall to the side, as the cord digs in and cuts the throat, then the bone and her head simply falls off. Instantaneously, the body falls to the floor. Her legs and feet twitching and shivering on the floor, and then suddenly stop. The figure sits Christine's headless corpse on the chair in front of the desk and monitor, and places the head on the desk. He crosses her legs and puts her shoes on, leaving one of them dangling from her big toe.

Wendy comes out of the bathroom. She walks toward the pantry to retrieve the highlighter's out of the supply room. As she opens the door she sees right in front of her Janice's neck stump. "Oh my God!" She screams as the headless corpse falls forward and to the floor. She starts to run toward Christine. "Christine! Christine! Oh my God! Its Janice!" She reaches Christine, and sees her headless body also sitting in the chair. One hand on the computer mouse, legs crossed and one shoe dangling from her toe. Her severed head sitting on the desk staring directly at Wendy. She gasps and start to walk slowly backward. Suddenly she hears a breathing behind her. As she opens her mouth to scream suddenly we hear a gushing sound a gag from Wendy and her eyes opening wide as the tip of the garden shears exit her opened mouth. She starts to gurgle as we see that the figure has impaled her with the garden shears from the back of her head exiting out her mouth. The figure lifts her up. Her arms dangling to the side, and her dangling feet a foot from the floor. As she shivers, gags and gurgles from her dying reflexes, her feet shake and her flats fall of her feet revealing her soles in the air. Her toes wiggle a bit, and relax as we hear a final gag and expiration from her as she dies. The figure lowers her slowly, her feet touching the floor. He pulls out the shears and Wendy falls to the floor. The figure lifts her and sits her also in her chair with legs crossed and one flat dangling from her toe. The figure goes to the pantry and drags Janice headless body, her soles dragging behind. He also sits her on a chair and rests Janice's feet on the desk. Her severed head is also placed in the desk. Janice's soles are slightly dirty. The figure brushes the bulge in his pants with Janice's soles. The figure exits the building, as it exits the back door he falls to the floor unconscious, revealing it is Enrique. A mysterious mist comes out of Enrique as soon as he collapses on the floor.
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Chapter 5

"Now the shit has really hit the fan" says the police sergeant in the crime scene to Lt. Reddit. "Reporter Christine Skyler brutally beheaded. That is going to make some news". Reddit assents with her head slightly, but her head is immersed in the crime scene. She does not have time to think about the consequences of this murder in particular. She starts to inspect Skyler's headless body. The already dry stump of her neck cleanly cut by the cord of the trimmer that is lying next to her. She notices her hand on the computer mouse and notices that the computer is still on. She turns to the forensics team and says: "When you move her body, don't touch the computer. I want to see what she was looking at before dying." She knew Skyler was very active in the investigation of the recent murders. She must have found something. The forensic team start to lift the corpses and put them in the bags. As they touch Christine's headless body her dangling shoe falls off her toe. They start to stretch her body as best they can, since rigor mortis has started to set in and get her in the bag. Reddit moves the computer mouse and the monitor turned on. Reddit starts to review Christine's findings. When she sees all of her browser tabs and starts reading, she finds all the clues found by Christine. Maybe she could arrange to take out Mr. Thompson and bring him with her to the old house,she thought to herself.

Reddit arrives at Mulholland's Lunatic Asylum. She starts to talk with the receptionist Cathy. A pretty and petite brunette. Sitting on her desk with a mini skirt and high heel black pumps. She has her feet crossed at the ankles. She lets the heel of the foot over the ankle fall off revealing her petite and cute foot. She twirls the shoe with her toes. "Yes Lt. Reddit. Mr. Thompson is here but I need clearance from Dr. Boyer. Let me have nurse Gil escort you to Dr. Boyer." Cathy calls nurse Tania Gil, a beautiful blonde wearing the typical nurse outfit, with white extra sheer pantyhose and wooden white clogs. Tania escorts Lt. Reddit to Dr. Thomas Boyer's office, who warmly welcomes her inside. "Lt. Reddit I am a worried for your safety, regarding your request. This person is very disturbed. He suffers from severe delusions and although we cannot establish a confirmed diagnosis, I believe he fits all the criteria for a paranoid schizophrenic." Lt. Reddit replies: "Dr. Boyer, I understand your concerns. But I am a police woman I am armed and able to subdue him if he goes out of control. Plus, I am going to interview him first. Maybe we can establish some rapport." Dr. Boyer looks at her with a still worried expression, and says: "Ok. Interview him, but I will ask nurse Gil to be at your side at all times. He seems to trust and care for her. In fact, if you still want to take him with you to that abandoned house I would like you to take nurse Gil. She knows him better than anybody here."

Nurse Gil takes Lt. Reddit to Renfield Thompson's padded room. She opens the door and they both see Mr. Thompson sitting on a corner with a straight jacket. Nurse Gil takes off her clogs before entering revealing her beautiful French pedicured feet under her extra sheer white pantyhose. Reddit follows suit removing her black ballet flats, revealing her size 6 feet and dark red painted toenails. They both enter and kneel at his side. Thompson looks at Reddit with sad eyes and says to her: "you don't wanna go there. You don't know the evil that corrupt mayor and his daughter unleashed. All the hatred, and insatiable thirst for revenge. Why? Why? Why the hell did they do that?!" Reddit asks him: "What did they do?" Thompson tells her: "Not only did they lynched him and bribed everybody in order to avoid paying for his murder. When all of the mayor's daughter's friends started to disappear they unburied his remains and took them to their house. I was hired by them to that horrible deed." "What happened there?" asked Reddit. "I can't remember. I blacked out when we arrived at the house in the woods they moved to hide. When I woke up, I searched the house and found the mayor beheaded and his daughter hung by her neck. I left the house running. Ten kilometers later, I was picked by a police. They did not believe me. They said that they went to the house and did not find anything. They brought me here, and here I have remained. Nobody believes me." "Believes you about what?" asked Reddit. "That O'Reilly's ghost seeked revenge against them and murder them" replied Thompson. Reddit asked Thompson: "Is his body still there? If you go with me, can you find his remains, as well as the mayor's and his daughter." "I think so. Yes. I think I could" said Thompson. "Tania. Are you up to it?" asked Reddit. "Lets go. But I do not see what good it will do to find those remains" Tania said. Reddit tells her: "Well I really don't believe in mumbo jumbo. But from the things I have been seeing lately, it would not hurt to try what an old record keeper in the Department counseled me to do". "And what is that?" asked Tania. "Find O'Reilly's body and buried it in his grave, so that he can finally rest. Since, if we find the mayor's and his daughter remains, his revenge would be fulfilled, all we need to do is laid him to rest. See what happens." Said Reddit. Tania rolls her eyes in disbelief and says: "Whatever. Lets just go".

Reddit, Tania and Thompson arrive at the address that the late Skyler's web search and yielded. It was already dusk. An abandoned country house in the middle of the woods. Fog covered most of the area. "Ok. This is creepy" said Tania. Reddit looked at Thompson who was shaking and looked very nervous, and asked him: "Thompson. Are you really up to it?" "Yes. Yes. Just give me a minute to gather myself." After Thompson calms down, the three of them exit the patrol car and start walking toward the house. Walking through the fog, they can only see the silhouette of the house, and cannot see anything around them. Each noise of the woods amplified. The atmosphere was very gloomy. Reddit could not help it, she felt like a presence. Like something was watching them They kept walking toward the house. As they started to go up the steps toward the principal entry, Reddit started to hear the loud noises Tania's wooden clogs made as she stepped in the wooden floor. "Tania. Why couldn't you changed your shoes for this? If anything or anybody is here we will be announcing ourselves" said Reddit. Tania replied: "Hey! It's not like you gave me any time to stop in my house to change. This are the only shoes I had at work." They entered the house which was completely dark. Reddit turned on a flash light revealing an old house with old furniture filled with spider webs and dust. “Thompson”, said Reddit, “its your show now. Do you remember where are the remains of O’Reilly?” “This way” Thompson said, as he lead them through a hallway and turned to a door on his right. The door opened with a creaking sound, revealing in the darkness some stairs that went down to a basement. All three started descending. Tania’s wooden clogs doing a lot of noise. As they reached the basement, Reddit pointed the flashlight around time and time again. The basement was empty. Reddit looks at Thompson and says to him: “There is nothing here.” Reddit does not say anything and simply walks toward one of the walls made of wood. He stands there looking at it hypnotized.Reddit does not waste any time. She sees a pick axe in the corner of the basement, grabs it and starts to pound on the wooden wall. The wooden wall collapses due to the fact that the wood was old and decomposed. As the wooden walls topples Tania unleashes a terrified scream. Reddit looks forward and sees two mummified bodies, one hanging by the neck and the other without a head. Reddit inspects the bodies, and looks everywhere in the chamber. She does not see any other remain or body. The rest of the chamber looked empty, except for small wooden cabinet. “Thompson: is this the mayor and his daughter?” “Yes” said Thompson. “Then were the hell is O’Reilly?” Tania asks. “Right here” says Thompson who steps behind Tania and sticks a very big piece of wood from the collapsed wall in form of a stake at Tania’s back. The tip protrudes out of her sternum, lifting her from the ground as she gags and gurgles and spits blood, her eyes rolling back and arms flopping to the side. Her wooden clogs struggling to stay on her pantyhose clad feet, as she emits a final gurgle and expiration and dies. Her wooden clogs fall off by gravity revealing her soles from behind. He then swings the corpse so that the tip of the stake sticks to the wall leaving Tania’s corpse impaled and dangling from the wall. Reddit screams in horror, and she starts to look around the chamber. She starts to yell at Thompson: “Thompson, fight it. You know you’re strong, this is not you!!” As Thompson starts to approach her, she shoots him with her pistol, but the bullets seem to hit him and ricochet as if he had an invisible armor. She sees the cabinet and opens it to see if she finds another weapon, but sees a big bag that inside had what seemed like a skull and bones. She grabs the bag. Thompson sees what she is doing and starts to snarl and hurl himself toward her. She evades him and starts to run upstairs, while Thompson followed her running very fast. She exits the house and runs faster and gets in the patrol car, turns it on and accelerates getting out on the road very quick. She looks at the rearview mirror and sees Thompson running after her. He is running unusually fast and jumps very high landing on her trunk. She screams and tries the radio which is not working. She swirls the car and Thompson falls off, but recovers and starts to run again pursuing the patrol car. In the mids of it, she remembers where was the cemetary that O’Reilly was buried in, which was not far from the house. She makes a left and goes in to a straght road which lets her drive faster. She manages to gain some distance between her and Thompson. Thompson anyway keeps running at a very inhuman speed. She sees the cemetary ahead and accelerates faster ramming the gate and breaking it. She stops the car in the middle of the field where most tombs are. She grabs the bag and using her instinct runs to a tombstone that looked just like the one she saw on the web that belong to O’Reilly. She gets there and sees that in fact it is his tombstone, and she starts to remove the slab just as Thompson enters the cemetary. The slab is heavy and she uses all of her strenght as Thompson gets nearer. About six tombstones before, Thompson stops and grabs a steel pole of a marker in the dirt for one tomb, and starts to approach Reddit again. Reddit pulls harder and yells as she makes an incredible effor to move the slab “Come on!!” The slab opens enough for her to throw the bag inside the tomb. And just as Thompson is about to strike her with the pole she says: “Rest in peace O’Reilly”. Thompsons stops cold with the pole just inches from her head. Reddit moves her hands from on top of her head which had place over her head in a protective reflex, and sees Thompson standing there. He drops the pole and kneels on the floor. He raises his head and looks at Reddit and asks her: “Where are we? What happened?” “All you need to know is that it is over” says Reddit. “What did I do? Why are my hands covered in blood?” Asks Thompson. Reddit explains to Thompson what just happened as she helps him get on his feet and walk to the patrol car. He barely can walk and is very weak. Reddit feels relieved, although disturbed because she did not believed in ghosts or the supernatural. She thought to herself: “What if its just negative energy that remains from a person? But then how a ritual like the one she just performed would cancel a negative energy?” All this questions turned around in her head as she sat Thompson in the back seat of the patrol car and watched the sirens from afar of all the investigation and forensic units approach. As they approached in the darkness she asked herself, whether they were going to believe her or was she going to end up in an asylum with Thompson?
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Re: Dark Energy (Short Story for Content Request)

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Dr. Boyer walks with the new nurse. Nurse Maria Martínez. A pretty white and brunette latina. Today is her first day in the asylum, and she is getting her orientation, so she is wearing civilian clothing with some high heel slides that show her beautiful pedicured toes. Dr.Boyer is giving Maria a walkthrough. He shows her two doors and starts to tell her: "This is Lt. Reddit and in the other room is Mr. Thompson. Both apparently suffer from delusional schizophrenia. They both believed that Tom O'Reilly's ghost came back for revenge. Thompson murdered one my nurses, and the Lt. believes in her delusional mind that Thompson was possessed by O'Reilly." As they pass Reddit's cell, she yells at Dr. Boyer: "Remember!! Energy cannot be created nor destroyed!”

After the introductory rounds, Dr. Boyer introduces Maria to the receptionist Cathy, who is once again playing with her high heel pumps as she is sitting in her desk. "Well ladies" said Dr. Boyer "I leave you both to be acquainted, I have to tend to some files in the office. It is already dark, and an apparent thunderstorm is going on outside. Most of the asylum's personnel is gone. "So, does it get to hectic around here?" asks Maria. "Not really. The few crazies we have here do not give us much trouble" says Cathy as she starts to turn off her computer and getting ready to leave. "Wait here Maria. I am going to the coat room to get my coat". Cathy leaves Maria in the reception and enters the long hallway of the asylum. Halfway of the hall she stops in a room that says "Coat Hanger Room". She opens the door and enters. As she walks her heels tend to slip out since they are a bit large for her tiny feet. As she retrieves, her coat a tall dark figure emerges from behind. Immediately throws a loop of metal wire made from a coat hanger around her neck, and with a stick on the other end quickly turns it like a tourniquet, the wire of the coat hanger squeezing hard the neck around Cathy. Cathy’s face turns purple and her eyes bulge with the pressure, as her tongue exits her mouth. Gagging and gurgling, she cannot even stand up if were not for the figure holding the metal garrote. As she chokes and gags, and her hands try to claw the garrote out, the figure connects the end of the coat hanger garrote to a nylon rope, throws the nylon rope around an air conditioner tube over the ceiling and pulls hard lifting Cathy up. Her feet leave the ground and her shoes fall off effortlessly. Her eyes come out as the pressure builds. Her arms flop to the side and her body tenses and stretches as she starts to go in shock. Gagging and gurgling, her soles stretch, her toes spread and wiggle, as she is almost dying. A faint gurgle is heard and drool comes out of her mouth as she expires and her toes relax. Her dangling feet swinging.

Maria is in the reception all alone. Dipping her feet in and out of her high heel slides. As her foot exits the slide, she wiggles her beautiful pedicured toes in relief. She hears a sound coming from the hall way. She says: “Hello? Cathy? Did you get your coat?” She starts to walk toward the hallway. The heel and middle sole of each foot revealing itself with each step taken. The clicking sound of her heels the only sound in the hallway. Thunder was heard outside the building as she approaches the coat room. She hears a creaking sound from inside. “Cathy? Cathy are you there?” She opens the door and as she enters, she sees right in front of her Cathy hung by her neck, her face contorted with the tongue out. Her eyes bulging out of her sockets, and her beautiful petite feet dangling a foot from the floor. She sighs in shock and the figure appears in front of her. He puts each one of its hands in her temple and as she screams in pain he lifts her up, her feet slowly rice and leave the slides on the floor as her eyes roll back, as the figure squeezes hard on her skull. Her skull starts to break and she starts to convulse. Her feet shake and her toes spread and wiggle. She is almost dying when the figure lowers her feet to the floor, and with a violent move twists her head around 180 degrees her face looking toward her back with eyes rolled backward, a bit of blood coming out of her nose and mouth from the hemorrhage in her brain. He lets go of the head. Her body balancing for some unexplained reason, and her twisted head moving in different directions with a crackling sound coming from her twisted neck. She falls to her knees revealing her dirty soles and then she slumps forward.

Another thunder is heard and the lights go out in the asylum. The figure exits the coat room and starts to walk to the reception and out of the asylum. In the cell block, Lt. Reddit can be heard yelling: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed”, time and time again. Outside, the figure walks and it is revealed to wear a black hoodie. The figure turns out to be Dr. Boyer, whose eyes are looking ahead in a daze fashion and also says with a smile: “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed” and collapses to the floor.

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